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What is Safer Supply?

Safer Supply is a harm reduction program with a public health approach, which involves prescribing persons who use drugs a pharmaceutical alternative to the illicit toxic drug supply. This allows individuals to use drugs of known quantity and quality, and significantly reduces the risk of overdose, hospitalization, and complications related to drug use. More than just a pharmaceutical alternative, Safer Supply focuses on the individual as a whole and works collaboratively with persons who use drugs to achieve medical, personal and social stability.
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Collaborative Care

As part of this patient-centered, harm reduction-focused approach to substance use, Safer Supply Ottawa encourages the collaboration of healthcare professionals and organizations across the national capital region. This includes in the community, in hospital and in many other settings. We see better engagement, treatment retention, health-related and social outcomes when people and organizations work together with patients on Safer Supply.
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The Safer Supply Ottawa team, in partnership with Ottawa Public Health, has created a guiding document which outlines the structure and functions of the Safer Supply program. The purpose of the document is to promote knowledge translation and to provide information for providers wishing to engage in Safer Supply.

Safer Clinics

Find out where Safer Supply is offered in the national capital region and how to contact the different sites.
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Access our library for information on important wraparound resources for patients engaged with Safer Supply.
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